Friday, November 30, 2007

There Goes My Mother of the Year Award....

The word has gotten out a little bit about the blog and people have been really kind so far. However, one good friend had enough faith in our friendship to ask "Where is the evil Amy? It all seems so sweet so far." Indeed. That lasted until about midnight last night.

Monte and I were chatting about something (GE related I think) and suddenly Claire's screams from the top of the stairs had us dashing to the second floor. There she stood, still completely asleep and peeing in a huge puddle (to her credit, not even a stitch of her nightgown was wet). Bad dream. For all of us. Ever tried running the carpet shampoo machine at midnight while not trying to wake up three kids? God love my husband. He was up to the challenge.

I didn't sleep well last night after that, so I was pretty groggy this morning. This being Friday morning, I had to get to work and all the kids were going to various schools. Fun time even in the best of circumstances. Claire WHINED for her second bowl of Cocoa Puffs. I protested then caved. I am going through coffee withdrawl - more on that later. I took a baggie from the pantry and poured it into the leftover milk. She tried it then started WHINING that it tasted bad. You all know how much tolerance I have for morning whining - zippo. I (gently) informed her she had to eat it - since she asked for it. I then went into some diatribe about wasting, etc. She cried harder - saying it smelled yucky too. I then resorted to the "mommy standby" when the kids won't eat something - "Fine - I will eat it." I (gently) procured the spoon and attempted a bite. The smell was obviously not of Cocoa Puff origin. Can anybody decipher the contents of the OTHER plastic bag next to the Cocoa Puffs?

If not, I'll give you a hint. Wrigley was awfully excited about Claire's Cocoa Puffs. Yep.

Claire accepted my many rounds of apologies readily. She's also had several pieces of Halloween candy.

I withdraw my self-nomination for Mother of the Year.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Happy Birthday Whitney!

It is Whitney's birthday today! I don't know if she will see this (because she and I are on the same level in terms of technology skills) but from all of us to you - Have a Happy Birthday!

The Savages enter the 21st century!

Ta-Da!!! We've done it! As some of you know, I have this certain aversion to technology. It is part of my New Year's Resolution to befriend my computer. So - with the very patient help of my techno-savvy friend Sarah, the Savages are ready and able to blog away!

For those of you new to blogs, this is a fun way to stay updated and informed on the goings on of our family. I will be postings pictures, current events, links to other blogs you may find fun, and perhaps the kids' artwork and some music when I get more competent. Save this page under your favorites and check back often. I am hoping to post daily - we will see how this goes! You can leave comments too - we would love to hear from you!

Even though we are officially on-line today, I am going to go back and "back-blog" and get you updated on all the good stuff the kids have been doing, seeing, etc. You can scroll down the page to see past posts and even click on the bottom right corner for older stuff. This is too much fun!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Oh Christmas Tree.....

It's tradition. Eleven years worth of tradition. Every year, regardless of how cold it is, Monte and I schlep the kids to a local tree farm and chop one down ourselves.

Would an artificial one be easier? Yep. Cheaper? Yep. Less work? Yep. Would it smell as nice or house fun little surprises like real pinecones, birdnests and occasional bugs? No way.

We have now gotten trees in three states - Wisconsin, Illinois and Indiana. The kids liked to ride the "Tree Train" out to the fields. Here they are. I will get a picture of the tree when the finishing touches are on.

Saturday, November 24, 2007


Hoping everyone had a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving Day! We drove to my parent's house and had a great meal with my parents and grandma, or Grandma Ice Cream as the kids call her. That all stems from the fact that they used to get ice cream when they visited her house. They name just sort of stuck.
It was pretty cold but Emma and Grayson decided to rake leaves. They loved it! We thought the novelty would wear off soon - but they kept raking and jumping until we called them in. Claire was not as enthused.
Long drive back to Indiana but nice to be with family.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Grayson's Preschool Thanksgiving Feast

On November 20th, Grayson had his "feast" and program at preschool. He was a "mighty warrior" and devoured two plates of chicken nuggets, corn and mashed potatoes. I thought you might like to see what a four year old and two clever preschool teachers can do with some construction paper, a few feathers and an old pillowcase.