Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday Cooper!

It happens...just as you know it will...just as they say it will...but it sneaks up on you just the same.

They grow up.

Even the baby.

This birthday follows a whirlwind of developmental milestones...the ones in Dr. Sear's books...potty trained, sleeping in a regular bed, riding a tricycle, going to preschool, conversing in full paragraphs, using regular utensils and cups, etc.

But for me, it is the milestones that SHOULD be in the books that are the most functional ...and those are also completely valid (and selfish) reasons we love our new three year old....

1. He can finally tell me where I left my keys (or where he put them).

2. He can rat on who REALLY made the stain on the carpet (and what it is).

3. He can get up, go to the bathroom and unwrap a granola bar and let me drink half a cup of coffee every morning.

4. He can finally make sense of normal movies so the rest of us no longer have to suffer through Barney and the Wiggles on long road trips.

5. He rocks the bowl cut.

6. He completely and totally worships the siblings...(that one came from the siblings).

7. His L's and R's are not completely fixed... so he still says " I yub you Mommy" every night.

8. He can contribute to the "cleaning up"... and not only the "messing up."

9. He can now go to preschool five mornings per week.

10. Did I mention he says "I yub you Mommy." I mean, really. How priceless is that?

Thank you to my dear neighbors and friends who brought "second generation" presents (after about an hour and half lead time) to our impromptu party and helped us eat Thomas the Tank cupcakes, shoot Nerf darts, build trains, and play Hungry Hungry Hippo.

We are blessed.

For those reasons, and many more... we love this three year old boy.