Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Big Decisions ...Mixed Emotions....

We have an announcement to make. And it wasn't an easy decison. We are still wrangling with the what-ifs, the logistics, and the sadness/excitement that comes with it. This probably won't be my most eloquent post... but it's honestly hard to get out a single coherent statement at the moment.

Monte has accepted a position within GE in Cincinnati Ohio.

The circumstances came quickly and somewhat unexpectedly. The resulting decision did not. Those of you who know us well knew that it was HARD to leave Fort Wayne. It was even HARDER to leave Illinois. And leaving Wisconsin before that took my breath away. I honestly thought it wouldn't be that way here. It hasn't been that long...we aren't quite as rooted, etc.

Then we made the decision. And said it out loud. And then it got harder. And the more people know, the harder it gets.

You start to realize that by leaving...certain things won't happen. Your kids won't have the same FANTASTIC swim coach that encourages them, gets after them when they need it ... and loves on them when they need that too. They won't ride the bus to middle school with the same group of girls that have been looking forward to it for a long time. You won't be able to walk next door and help yourself to chocolate, wine or anything else you need but don't have at your own house. The house won't be filled with the same giggling, scheming, shouting bunch of kids that you sometimes forget aren't your own. Your dog won't automatically have a number of playdates just to get some energy out.

Change is hard. And we have certainly had our share. But ... we don't like moving the kids. We don't regret ANY of it... and certainly all of it was necessary. We are making this move only because we will have to do it sometime. And later.... will only be harder. This I know.

I didn't expect to find it so hard to leave. It's hot here. Really HOT. For a looooong time. The school situation.... well, that's just WEIRD. And despite how charming Paula Dean is when she says it, "ya'll" just doesn't roll off of my tongue. But a lot of things work. And so many people have pitched in to help us along. And I've sort of gotten attached to them.

So.... here we go again. If I'm not currently able to put together a coherent "thank you" without blubbering... if you are reading this... please know how important, special, and essential you have been to our family. If there is anything that we take with us going forward to Ohio... it is that despite the differences in location, culture, weather, and school environments... there are good people (and good friends) everywhere.