Monday, March 15, 2010

Bad Mojo .... or just bent karma?

Once in college I had a "reading" in the student commons area by a questionable looking guy in dreads wearing a priest robe. Granted, it should have given me pause... but you know .. it didn't.

Anyway, the guy said I had "bent karma." What?! How long does that last? Will my karma eventually straighten out or will it always have a bend in it?

Turns out, he was a bit prophetic. I didn't do as well on the neuroanatomy exam as I would have hoped. The test was that afternoon. I think I was still a little unnerved about my karma situation but who knows? I still can't recall all my neuronal pathways.

Whatever it is called, it is happening again. Yesterday I registered Emma for camp. Online. Big mistake. Not only did I not correctly apply the $100 off coupon (really important)... but I registered her for the wrong camp entirely! Thankfully, a very patient camp representative (that God for christian camps and their workers) re-registered her. Our church (regularly) realizes what a ditz they have in their midst and is giving me the coupon anyway.

This morning I received an email from the Indiana State Police. They have rejected my fingerprints (needed to work in our local school district) citing "bad ridges." Really? I have bad thighs too but I didn't need to pay $43.oo and travel to the bowels of the city to find that out.

I have been told about the bad ridges before. In college I worked for the IRS and my prints were rejected then too. They let me work for them anyway. I was shocked. Shredding left-over forms in the back room was a highly sought-after position needing security clearance after all.

I don't know what will happen next today. But I think I must DEFINITELY stay away from all workout equipment. Who knows what could malfunction?

Sunday, March 7, 2010

6 Things Every Woman Should Have....

1. An affinity for sushi. Even if you don't like the raw stuff. It just makes you feel exotic.
2. A professional bra fitting. At least once in your life. Or, at the very least, after four children.
3. Starbucks. Every few hours for a day and a half.
4. An annual get-away girl's weekend.
5. A soul sister who completes your sentences, shares your dressing room, tells you the truth, and accompanies you on numbers 1-4.
6. A husband who consistenly encourages you to go indulge in numbers 1-5 ...and doesn't flinch when he gets the bill.