Friday, February 26, 2010

Getting Gabriella Grace

When we were going through the adoption process, we met an amazing family with whom we share several connections. Actually, our lives have been enriched by several of these families. We have often wondered why God put adoption on our hearts if we were not to pursue it. Maybe... just maybe.... we were meant to meet such friends.

I ask for your prayers today for Curtis and Theresa as they leave for China today to get their daughter, Gabriella Grace. Theresa and I met when the only thing she knew for sure was her daughter's name. Country and timing were undecided. I was privileged to watch as God's plan was revealed in her life... and she cheered me on when His plan was revealed in mine.

I received an early morning email from her... and she is completely at peace and soooo ready to meet her daughter. But leaving her three sons was not an easy thing to do. Her family blog is if you want some background information. The blog to follow while they are in China is with the password Gabriella.

Thank you for your prayers. God speed Theresa!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Grayson's Big Swim

Emma and Grayson both swam a "Swim Your Own Age" meet this weekend. I just love those. They are short and the kids are pretty evenly matched... so it makes for close races and a lot of excitement. And we are home in time for lunch. Bonus.

Both kids did well with much heart and effort poured into their events. Grayson was the "top seeded" six year old boy (for the record, it cracks me up that they even seed six year olds) and he ended up scoring the most points. So he scored his first trophy for High Points in his age group and gender. Because we are the type of parents who don't really pay attention to this stuff, we had NO idea they gave awards... let alone that Grayson was in the running. Imagine his surprise when Monte had to go into the locker room to get him....

He was pretty proud of his accomplishments. Fun stuff. Way to go Grayson!!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

18 Months!!!

Early in the week, the caboose to our train hit the 18 month mark. I tried all week to get some decent pics of him. Smiling. Looking at me. Nope. It might have been easier to nail jello to a tree.

But these are pretty true to life. He usually hits these "stations" at various times during his day. He climbs the slide.. and goes down feet first ... head first... whatever he thinks will draw the most attention from his adoring fans. He's loving the shape-sorters... and is getting more successful with them. He's starting to get interested in TV ("tee-tee") and can request a few shows ("Doda" and "ooh-ah" aka Dora and Curious George).

Cooper loves his siblings and has names for all of us now. Claire is "Sissy", Emma is "Memma", Grayson is "Bubby" and we are "Mommy" and "Daddy." The words are finally starting to come ... he has about 30 now and he typically adds a new approximation every week. I don't think I'll ever get tired of hearing that little voice call for "Mommy."

He continues to amaze me with his motor skills. He routinely pushes a chair over to a table or counter, climbs up on it... then calls out to me once on the table or other precarious destination. He has a wicked grin... and most wonderful giggle. He loves his mommy... but only until DADDY gets home.

At the doctor's office, we found out he's tall (90th percentile) and relatively lean (50th percentile). He's kept the blonde hair... and his eyes are hazel like his mama's. He's a fantastic sleeper like Grayson was... and is completely, totally, and seriously attached to his "nani" - a nubbly blue blanket made by a friend of mine. Big sister Emma had the same ferocious attachment to "blankie"....and only recently gave it up at bedtime. Claire's attachment to "blue bear" is legendary. It's so much to relive all of their early childhoods when Cooper shows strong connections to them.

Happy milestone little man. We love you.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Fast Forward.....

Every parent has moments that make us stop. in. our. tracks. This morning was one of them for me.

It was hardly a profound or unusual setting. It was over bowls of cereal - in between various morning duties. I was only on my first cup of coffee. Here's a sampling of what I overheard:

Emma - "Hey Mom, after school can you help me make a spreadsheet of the different countries' medal winnings from the Olympics?" (Oh sure... right after I learn HOW to make a spreadsheet.)

Grayson - "Look - I made Florida out of my Cheerios. Florida is a peninsula."

Claire - Mom, what time are my (kindergarten) shots?" (Same time as Cooper's 18 month checkup)

Amidst the chaos, I just stopped. Whose life am I living? When did Emma learn to make spreadsheets for fun? How long has Grayson been using four syllable words? Is Claire REALLY going to Kindergarten in mere months? 18 month checkup?????

It's all good stuff. Exciting stuff. As long as we get to hit the pause button every once in a while.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day 2010

Emma and Grayson started the day at a swim meet... so it was an early morning for us. For the first time, Monte and I were able to sit in the stands together and watch both kids do their events. Thank goodness for teenage sitters willing to be here at 8:00 am!

Because both kids are 8 years and under, they swam in the same block of time... and both had some personal bests. Grayson even legally completed his first 100 IM! It was pretty exciting to see him do a flip turn during his 50 freestyle as well. They have both come so far... and our favorite part continues to be watching them be the part of a team and the friendships they make. Good stuff.

This evening they got to tear into the Valentines goodies that have come in the mail. Huge thank you(s) to Auntie Janet, Grandma and Grandpa, and Nana and Papa for the treats. They felt so special!!!

Before bed, we let them watch a bit of the Olympics and drink some "champagne." On the sofa. In the family room. Where they never get to eat or drink. They even know how to work staying up late... by asking great questions about where the Olympics are, what sports are included, doing the math to see who is in what place, etc. It took me a while to see what they were doing. It is amazing what they can scheme when they work together as a team.

We hope your Valentine's Day was spent with those you love.... and who love you.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Day .... Again

No matter how long we live in Indiana, I am still AMAZED at how frequently the local school district delays the start of school by two hours or cancels it all together. I mean... hasn't Indiana always been in the midwest? Is snow new in these parts?

While I am thankful that the district is mindful of my childrens' safety.... two days of "family togetherness" can make for very long days for this mama. Just today, Cooper attempted to climb the grandfather clock, Claire attempted to hide a contraband RED glitter pen under the couch (with the lid off ---uh huh---you see where this is going) and Emma and Grayson almost came to blows over how to best reach the blue level in Mario Bros.

So... everyone was sent OUTSIDE. To PLAY. For a LONG TIME.

That made it all better. They were too frozen and exhausted to fight.

Let's pray for school tomorrow. The carpet, the clock, and the mama can't take another day.