Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas 2012

Merry Christmas from Wyoming, Ohio... our "new" home of five months!   While much has changed for us this year, much has stayed the same.  I am still woefully behind and hit a new "low" in mailing out Christmas cards on Christmas Eve this year.  Maybe next year I should just consider "New Year's Eve" cards.  Sigh.

All Claire wants for Christmas is her two front teeth.  We can't believe how grown up she is all of a sudden.
She loves her teacher and all things "second grade." Thankfully, she still loves us wholeheartedly.

Emma looks and acts like she is 15.  God help us.  Seriously, we are so proud of her we can't see straight.

Grayson can't decide whether being a nine year old boy means you are grown ... or not quite yet.  We can't decide either.  We do know it means you sleep late and eat a lot.

Cooper is growing up so fast....we don't know whether to be excited or terrified when he demonstrates a new skill.  We are trying not "to blink."  Except when he throws things at us. =)

Abbey and Wrigley are our havanese and goldendoodle who round out our crazy bunch.  We bought them a fenced in yard for Christmas...and it had nothing to do with keeping out the deer.  I promise.

Monte and I are blessed to be employed in careers we love with people who inspire us and make us be better people.   We both learn something every single day.  That is a blessing. 

From our house to yours, a Merry Christmas.... and a safe and joyous 2013! 

Come visit anytime.  When you come, bring white wine.

With Love,
The Savage Family