Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dear Emma... A Letter on Your 10th Birthday....

Ten years ago today... almost to the minute I sit down to write this, we welcomed you into our lives. You showed your personality early (spunky, verbal, inquisitive...and a bit stubborn) and it remains true to this day. We thought we were proud of you then....we are more so now.

I thought I'd take a minute to sit down and scribble out who you are today. While I imagine your core personality won't change so much in the years to come, it is just as much for me as it is you. Time seems to be flying so helps to just "freeze" a few moments in time.

Today, you take piano lessons. You play in the bell choir at church and can't wait to become eligible for the youth group. You enjoy girl scouts and your troop and have asked to go to horse camp with friends here in North Carolina.

Today, you still enjoy swim teams and want to try volleyball when you are able to. Outside is still your preferred location over anywhere else. Beachside with a book is your ideal vacation spot.

Today, you are creative. You love to paint, draw, sew, design and write. You recently started a blog all by yourself. You've asked for a mannequin that you can dress with all sorts of homemade clothes you design and sew. I'm so glad you don't need my help for that. I couldn't help you even if you needed it.

Today, you are a tremendous help with your siblings and they all look to you for support and encouragement. You are a good friend. You keep your sibling and friends close to you. You choose to keep connections dynamic and open. Your "family" is large and in many states. I think that's an amazing position to be in... and I will do whatever I can to help nurture those relationships.

Today, your party was requested to be "intimate... with international flair." We took five of your friends to The Melting Pot in Durham for cheese and chocolate fondue with a sleepover at our house. It was a fantastic time!

Today, we wish you a fantastic birthday and all the best wishes for your ten year old year.


Monday, March 7, 2011

Lighthouse Project

Emma's fourth grade lighthouse project was right in her wheelhouse. Researching, clay working, painting, measuring, etc. It's a good thing. Craftiness (in this context) is not a blessing God gave me.

As it happened, Cape Lookout is not one of the NC lighthouses she has seen in person....and since she did this much work on it, she is hopeful we will take her to see it. And I guess I should, since Monte and I were both working during her class walk-through today. Thank you to RK for the picture!

Good job Em! Proud of you!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Father Daughter Dance 2011 - NC style

Every girl should have a date with her daddy.

Emma's third Father Daughter dance with the Girl Scouts is going on right now. She's old enough now to have some say in her attire ... and shoes ... and accessories. We had a lot of fun shopping this time ...and she tried a bright new color. She thinks it's "sunny."

I think it suits her. It's neat to see the person she is becoming... the styles she leans toward, the music she listens to, the quotes she writes down, the Bible verses she memorizes. She makes very conscious choices... deliberate and careful in what and how she decides. This mind of will serve her well.
But for tonight, I have a feeling all she's thinking about is where her date will take her for dessert tonight. I'm sure he will. I can tell he's smitten with her.