Monday, October 26, 2009


I am beginning to see how being an aunt or uncle could be a lot of fun. I've not experienced the pleasure of buying the loudest or most obnoxious toy or letting a kiddo have WAY too much candy, cookies, etc. before dinner. But I just might be getting my chance.

Sarah and Kevin (friends extraordinaire) brought these to my kids for our pre-Halloween gathering. Gummy creatures. The size of dinner plates. Octopus tentacles, centipedes, and other squid-like rubbery nastiness that make squeaky sounds when you bite into them. Eeewww. Revolting.

The kids LITERALLY ate them up. I've heard little else but how cool Kevin and Sarah are. Amidst complaints that we would never buy them something like that.

Yep. I smiled at Kevin and Sarah as I handed over the perfectly sized little bundle of Halloween goodness to their little Yoda. But all of you know what I was thinking about.... the Christmas present. Oh yes, revenge will be mine. And it will be sweet.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Halloween Tricks and Treats

Last night we were fortunate enough to have two Halloween parties. At dinnertime, we invited over the "Littlest Yoda" (as my kids called her) to practice her Trick or Treating skills. It turns out she got to practice her saber skills as well with the local ninja.

I let all the kids put on their costume for a little bit before we left for our adult party. I don't know what was the most fun for them... dressing up themselves or watching their normally "uber-cool" parents transform into nerds.

Yoda's parents got some good shots of the kids too. They brought along some Subway and "treats" for our kids. Watch for a separate post on those.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

It's a process....

this "thank you note" writing business. I believe in it and it's a "must do" in our house. But... they are often embarrassingly tardy. I apologize if you sent a gift to this newly five-year-old are still patiently waiting. They are coming. One slow pen-stroke at a time.

When you get the sticker adorned envelope with your name and hers so painstakingly crafted, please lift your eyes heavenward in thanks that we both made it through the process.

Claire has already stated that next year, she's only inviting ONE person. That way, she'll only have to write ONE thank you note. Hee hee.

Monday, October 19, 2009

When's the Best Day ....

to get a quote for a new furnace AND hot water heater (to the tune of $4,000)?

Probably NOT on the fourth day of the Team Savage stomach flu, 6 weeks prior to Christmas, on the day that your dog dug up the new landscaping, or six/seven months away from a potential move.

I don't know if there IS a good day for this sort of news... but for us, today WAS NOT it. If only a glass of wine didn't sound so revolting right now. Grumble .... scowl... frown... etc.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Claire's 5th Birthday Party

Claire's big party day didn't go as planned. We had planned a park party outside with a lot of running, swinging, and fresh air. You know, something appropriate for the "turning five" crowd.

When the weather report predicted ongoing showers all day... we went to plan B. That involved calling party places at the last minute starting with "Can you accommodate a group of preschoolers tomorrow?" I didn't have high hopes. Luckily, one place she has always wanted to go ... didn't hang up on us. They actually bent over backward to accommodate us. Of course, it was at a place with breakables. And paint. Excited as I was to book a "plan B", it made me want to pour a stiff drink.

It went off without a hitch. An hour and a half was just the right amount of time to create a masterpiece, have a cupcake (or two), open presents and read a book. Cooper didn't stay... a momma can only keep so many hands from breaking something. Everyone else had a great time... especially the birthday girl.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy 5th Birthday Claire !!!

She's the quiet one. She's slow to warm, quick to observe, and only invokes the deep belly laughs when called for. She's not one to complain or whine over every injustice and is just starting to recognize and speak her own mind. Change and new situations are not things that make her comfortable ... but comfy jammies, books, her family, and "not soft blue bear" do.

She's five years old today ... and sporting a brand new haircut (because she saw fit to start the hair modification process herself). We think it makes her look at least six ... or six and a half.

So, how did she celebrate today? With a bunch of adoring ladies at the salon oohing and ahhing over the new do, followed by the entire beta fish swim team (and coaches) singing to her after swim practice... finished up with presents, chocolate cake with all the princess-y trimmings and an assortment of bedtime stories.

What makes this five year old girl smile? New nightgowns (no pajamas "with legs") for her anymore, Littlest Pet Shop accessories, and anything Barbie. And... of course.... the whipped icing off of her cake. Not necessarily the cake itself.

Happy Birthday Claire. We love your blossoming personality, willingness to try new things, and developing dry sense of humor. Love you.