Saturday, October 1, 2011

Happy 7th Birthday Claire!!!

Dear Claire,

Seven years ago you entered our lives ... and added so much to it. We thought our life was pretty full already but God had plans to bless us with the gifts He entrusted to you. You were and are the balance that we need ...the calm to the storm... the content to the discontented ...the giver to to the taker ...and the smile to the sadness.

We wonder out loud what each of you will grow into in the coming years.. but because I want to remember who you are at seven you go.

You are the first to share....anything at anytime. Except maybe chocolate.

Your friends are important to you ... but not as important as your siblings.

You still play with Barbies ... and let me play with you.

Reading is a favorite pasttime. Learning to ride a bike? Not so much.

Dresses, jewelry, and accessories = getting dressed.

You wish school would happen on the weekends... but not start until noon.

You love trying different foods ... but defend your right to eat meat against your almost vegetarian sister. And no... it's not in the Constitution. Sorry.

When the older ones talk about college... I see how you react. You've asked if it's against the law to NOT go away to school. No it isn't. But we hope you do. Don't worry... you are always welcome here.

Happy birthday Claire....thanks for forgiving us for all the "middle child" mistakes we make.


Mom and Dad