Thursday, December 31, 2009

Cutest Little Patient at Lutheran...

Cooper had surgery yesterday to place tubes in his ears. We've been through it with Claire so we knew what to expect. Still, it is never easy to read the fine print of the consent forms... or watch the nurse walk your baby through those double doors.

I was at peace with the decision, procedure, facility, and doctor (his kids swim on the same team as ours... and he did Claire's tubes a few years ago) and it all went seamlessly. Prayers were answered. We were home about three hours after we left the house. Cooper managed to take two naps as he woke from the anesthesia pretty cranky.

We just had to take a few shots of him in his "gown." I really should have asked to buy it.. it was soooo cute. Especially with the diaper hanging out.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Recipe for Successful Four Girl Sleepover

Prior to gathering, drop off six year old brother at "boys only" sleepover. Add together two five year old girls and two third grade girls. Add two extra large pancakes and three scrambled eggs. May not substitute fried eggs. Definitely not. Feed above to five year olds. Then order $20.00 worth of chinese food. Quickly, while you pop the popcorn. Turn on movie and turn on electric blanket. Put annoying baby brother to bed early. Fluff pillows and check on status of crab rangoon. Become informed the popcorn is "not the buttery kind." Add wine (adults only).

Talk about school, best friends, and boys with third graders. Check regularly on the internet while the 8 year olds play. Then add the following:

6 braids
3 facial treatments
2 movies
1 pan of brownies

Put five year olds to bed at 8:45. One in top bunk and one in bottom. May substitute if negotiated ahead of time. Set timer for 10:30 for third grade girls to go to bed if you fall asleep. Darn wine. May repeat recipe... but doubling is NOT recommended.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Program 2009

This year Claire's preschool had their first annual Christmas program. She attends a Christian preschool - so they were "allowed" to sing as many songs about Jesus and the true reason for the season as they wanted. I must say, it was pretty refreshing to say "Merry Christmas" to everyone in the crowd and not worry about offending anyone.

Her class was dressed as shepherds and they really belted out some great songs. She was a little bummed about the costume.... as she felt it "covered her pretty dress." I, however, was amazed with what those teachers could do with some paint and a white pillow case. So we took some pictures with and without the costume.

She and her BFF, Phoebe, stole the show... and then completely rocked the dessert table afterward. We are so thankful for her preschool and the incredible foundation they are laying. We are especially thankful for Pastor Stan's lyrics to "Jesus Is A Rock and He Rolls My Blues Away..."