Thursday, December 15, 2011

Cooper's Christmas Program 2011

Most days aren't like this.

Most days ...he chases the dog, leaves all the lights on, leaves crumbs all over the house, doesn't flush the toilet, hides his socks under the couch, demands that he wear THIS shirt... not THAT one...and generally wreaks havoc. I sometimes wonder if that will be the legacy of this three year old boy of mine.

But then...there are days like this one.

Today he sang like an angel at his preschool program. He didn't have his finger up his nose. He was a good friend at his buddy's birthday party and even let the birthday boy open the presents. He rocked the sweater vest. He said the dinner blessing all by himself. He tried ALL the green vegetables on his plate. He let me read him the Christmas story ...two times because I love it so much ...and he fell asleep in my lap...smelling a little bit like boy and a lot like the candy cane pieces that were stuck in his hair.

Chaos may be his legacy... but so will days like these. And I am thankful for all of them.