Saturday, January 30, 2010

Fort Wayne Anniversary...

Long time .... no post. Thanks to all of you who have called to see if maybe I was dead... or fallen off the face of the earth. Sorry about that. It's not as though I've had nothing to say. Time has just had an uncanny way of getting (and staying) ahead of me.

Here's an example. It's our Ft. Wayne anniversary. Three years ago this week.... we embarked on a new and very scary adventure. Leaving everyone and everything familiar.... moving from the house we brought three babies home to... and starting over. It felt like us against the world. I went along with it... but it didn't feel like "the new place" was ever going to feel like home.

Three years later... it is home. A different home. But it's familiar. We brought a baby home to this house too. And welcomed a dog... (Well, most of the time he's welcome anyway). We are comfortable here. Which brings me to the lesson God is continually trying to teach me.

He is not at all concerned with us having a "comfortable" existance. It's not about that. It's about living for Him and through Him .... so that we might live with Him. That's the whole point of this life on earth. It's not about finding our comfort zone and living there. I tend to forget that.

Our time with GE in Fort Wayne may be ending soon. The plant is ceasing manufacturing March 31st and Monte and the team will need some time to wrap things up. The familiar and comfortable will be coming to an end around the first of spring. I will miss that. Comfortable works for me.

So... as we consider our next step with GE, I am trying hard to focus on not getting too comfortable. I am recalling the move from Morton. It all worked out. We found a new home. We learned a lot. We grew a bunch. No matter where it goes from here... we will again. God will see to that.