Monday, August 27, 2012

Cooper's First Day at Mapleknoll

Look at this face.

This is his "I am going to cry any minute because it's my first day of all day preschool in a new place" face.

The kind of face that makes mothers question everything....maybe just one more day home with mom wouldn't hurt ... right?

We went.  We got into the car and drove to school.  The entire way there I anticipated his crying at dropoff...and my jubilance at having the house (finally quiet) conducive to my working from home today.  I braced myself... knowing full well that he would tear up, cling, cry, or wail.  I would remain steadfast... supportive, smiling, encouraging.  I, after all, was not a rookie. This is child number four.  I am a veteran.

We "veteran mothers" know how this story REALLY ended.

He got out, grabbed the teacher's hand ... and walked in.  Not.a.tear.

I, however, cried all the way home.

The house is quiet.  Folders are stacked in front of me and I am ready to crank out reports.  But ....I keep hearing him call my name for a snack.  I check his school calendar to see what he is doing right now.  The radio is on to tune out the quiet. 

Guess I am still a rookie after all.


Sarah said...

Awww! Sniff sniff!

I keep having visions while reading this of him eating a lunch with something horrible with red food coloring thrown in for a treat. :)

Teresa said...

Yes, us "rookie" moms, who are filled with experience and should be able to do this with "ease"...yep, it's as hard with the fourth as it was with the first! Hugs!!!